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Since I’ve been a young child,  I’ve been fascinated with commercials, logos and how companies use marketing tools and branding to make someone interested in their product or services. From sitting on my Papaw’s lap when I was 4 years old watching him create on Photoshop to learning on my own, I’ve always known that creativity and design will always be one of my favorite hobbies. In college, I decided to dig deeper into this interest, but also wanted to merge my passion for sports and athlete advocacy into a career. This pushed me to work in the sports industry with hope to continue to work towards a world where athletes are empowered to use their platforms to help others. However, on my way to this goal, I want to use my creativity skills to help others with their small businesses and bringing their dreams to life. I want to be an inspiration to others to become their best selves….to live in purpose and to never settle for anything less than a high standard, The Carter Standard. 

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