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"That's one thing people can't take away from you is your education. And it is worth the investment."-Michelle Obama



Martin Luther King Jr. Marketing Plan | 2016 Internship

In this marketing plan, I identified and analyzed the goals of the Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center on the University of Kentucky's Campus. It outlines opportunities for growth with social media with different event and proposes new ideas to promote diversity and inclusion on the college campus. This plan is still in use by current interns to gain more insight on how to market to the campus. 

Hulu Research and Situation Analysis | Group Project 2016​

This was a group project for my research methods course. In this course, I was mostly responsible for creating, conducting our primary research and identifying the market problem and opportunities. I also contributed to our extensive target audience research.

NACA National Presentation | 2017

This is a presentation that I created and executed at the National Association for Campus Activities National Conference in Baltimore, MD. This took place during my position with the Student Activities Board as the Vice-President of Promotions. It taught other student activities board how to effectively promote to their campus community. 

Full Nespresso Campaign |  Group Project 2017

In this project, myself and two other students created a full campaign for the brand, Nespresso. For this project,  I was mostly in charge of thinking of the overall theme for the graphics, creating the out of home advertisement, creating the snapchat social media advertisement, the rationales for both advertisements and working on the target audience research.  I also created the powerpoint presentation. 

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